Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions!

With everything going on in the world these days…

Customer Experience is no longer just a buzzword that can be thrown around

It has become a megatrend that demands a complete mindset shift not only for huge operations but for small business as well.

Now is THE PERFECT TIME to switch from using common sales practices to Modern Marketing techniques!

Content Creation

Video Production

Graphic Design


360° Tours

Interactive Tours

Live Video Chat


Virtual Marketplace

12K Buyers on Facebook

Targeted Ad Campaigns

LIVE Shows


360 Virtual Interactive Tours

with optional LIVE Sales

LIVE Show with 360 Tour

You have access to our in-house studio that saves time and cuts expenses for our network partners.

Custom Content Creation

Interactive 360 Virtual Tours


Apparel Store

Phone Store

Car Dealership

Furniture Store


Personal Trainer


Boat Rental

Urgent Care


Most small business owners aren’t looking at anything because they think either it’s a rip-off or it cost too much!

We Eliminate Those Issues Completely…

We provide the only platform that includes a Marketing System COMPLETE WITH CUSTOMERS.

Plus, You Only Pay A Commission When Products Are Sold So You Can’t Lose!


With all the uncertainty in the world today,

Small businesses need innovation

to survive in this

economic meltdown!

We provide tools and experience of our ad agency to get you larger audiences that matter to your business and make SHOPPING FUN AGAIN.

With over 12 years in the digital marketing space, our social media presence houses over 100K followers on multiple profiles. Since Covid-19, consumers have been conditioned to shop online and that will be the new norm going forward.

Our mission is to bring in a new sales platform that any small business can get massive quality traffic without a production staff or spending resources to try to make it work.

We’ll provide a “no-brainer” way to actually flourish through these crazy times.

We’ve created a hybrid of Home Shopping Network, Amazon and eBay to work with small business operators branded as SocialMAX.LIVE. We utilize live and simulated live videos that are promoted with targeted ad campaigns aimed at audiences that matter most to your specific products and services.

SocialMAX.LIVE is prepared to bring your business before the eyes of an unlimited number of consumers throughout the U.S.A. with entertaining content and new ways to connect with consumers.

Our goal is to build relationships with small business owners who want to break away from conventional marketing methods and work with us as a NETWORK PARTNER going forward.

Read Below!

Network Partner Program - What we do

The Key to success right now is to think outside the box and acquire new customers before the competition. Our job is to generate sales and help build your online presence utilizing our Virtual Studio and Social Media Distribution Network. 

Your local area foot traffic or existing online customer base won’t be the only means you have to market your brand. Socialmax Live will take your business to a new level on a national basis.

Running the same course and charging the same prices as others is a slow uphill battle that will be harder to navigate over time since consumers have been conditioned to buy online. 

With that, online retailers will need to be more aggressive to survive going forward. 

We are here to eliminate that path.

We develop sales strategies that will sell your products/services through Social Media Marketing with LIVE/Simulated Live Streaming that is performanced based so you can’t lose. 

Your show is Presented on multiple platforms simultaneously coupled with a targeted ad campaign on Facebook.We also utilize YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest before, during, and after the LIVE event to get exposure that matters to what you have to offer.

Our business model provides flexibility

We don’t have an issue being paid on a commission-based percentage of the sales so the vendor has very minimal risk. The cost of selling units or getting leads is kept down by an extremely efficient system design and process so our partners benefit by reaching large audiences for way less money by marketing as a single entity.

We give you the option to switch to a flat-fee business model where we receive zero commission on your sales.

We are open to customizing a solution based on your needs, contact us at 

What We Provide

With all the scams and tricks with Free this and Free that on the internet today, here is our REAL Program.

We will provide everything you need to run an effective ad campaign. You will need to select 8-16 items that we can share the profits on and give an irresistible deal to get new customers quickly. These deals will only be offered on our site so you don’t have to discount all the items on your website.

The goal here is to build your brand with minimal capital outlay. If you can market your business in this day and time without spending your profits, you will beat out your competition hands down.

When consumers reach your page on SocialMAX.LIVE and check out, the “thank you” page will have a coupon code that can be redeemed at your store. There are no fees connected to this!

So no matter what shape your business is in right now, this will get buyers to your website. 

If you are a small business owner with limited funds to keep going, we provide a complete solution that includes getting exposure without starting from scratch.

The cost of marketing is kept down by our Social Media Distribution that includes over 100K organic followers so our partners benefit by reaching large audiences for a fraction of the cost.

Our solution includes:

Research for targeting the right audiences

Administration services across Social Media platforms

Post in Local Business Groups on FB

Graphic Design

Virtual Studio to edit footage 

(2) social media ads for split testing (discovery of which ad has the best engagement rate), Editing the footage

A host for your LIVE Stream

Running the ad campaign (repurposing your content)

Monitoring analytics

Distribution of content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest

What You Provide

Raw video footage of your products taken with any recording device including smartphones

Since we handle all of the content creation, ad campaigns, and shopping cart development, in addition to our percentage-based commission, we require a small contribution of $199 for ad spend to ramp up engagement prior, during, and after the show and to provide exposure until your inventory is cleared out (promoted replays of the broadcast are where the ad campaign funds are mainly used).

Before we accept any business as a marketing partner, 3 things must be established:

1- You must have adequate inventory for products you want to liquidate.

2- Must provide special offers (irresistible offers/incentives to make sales faster). 

3- Gift Cards for Prize Giveaways to get new customers (redeemable at your store).

Advertising for your Store is included.

Every Network Partner has a shopping cart on SocialMAX.LIVE featuring 8 – 16 products that will be discounted to make sales fast. The goal is to get a new customer buying from you.

It is 10 times easier to get someone to buy from you, that has already purchased, than to get a new customer. We provide links to your website or shopping portal so you can get new buyers without paying us a commission.

Your products are promoted on our established Social Media Network that has taken 12 years to build, your business reaps the benefits!

Facebook page of 12,000+

Pinterest 7500+

Twitter 55,000+

We provide marketing services based on certain criteria as well as what types of products and services you offer that are provided by our Partner Program. 

What it costs

We require a small $199 contribution that is used for ad spend. 

Since our program is based on our own sales performance, we will make every effort for the sale to be a success but it will require building audiences.  There is no magic wand that will blow up sales overnight. It may take several shows before success is achieved. 

Our job is to generate sales and build new online audiences for your Brand. We do not take possession of your products, we only take our percentage of the sale and forward the funds along with the customers’ information so you can ship. Nothing will leave your facility without you being paid first.

Only hobbyists will try to market a product/service depending only on free traffic in today’s environment. We are a professional ad agency and target traffic that matters to a business.

Our commission structure is based on a sales price of $1-$500.

25% basic services, the merchant films the presentation themselves, sends us the raw footage.

33% producing and directing a show on-site 

40%  includes bringing in a host for the presentation. 

A minimum of 25% (basic service) will be subtracted from the order payment to cover our commission cost before settlement. We will charge the customer your tax rate and calculate shipping rates as per your instructions. We highly recommend you include free shipping/flat rate as an incentive to get the sale.

The commission agreement can always be adjusted according to the sale price of the product or service. Example: For a high ticket item like Automotive sales, a flat fee per lead will be established.

360 Virtual Tours - Turn Your Website into an Interactive Powerhouse Platform

We provide a full-service solution for the platform and development of your interactive 360 tours. 

Each Tour Includes

Tours: up to 10 rooms/areas with Quick Jump Hotspots (connects each room on your Tour); including your Branding on the 360 Tour presentation.

5 Hotspots: We include (5) thumbnail images for your Hotspots and (2) 15-30 second videos on your tour. This includes videos, special sale announcements, images, menus, 3rd party appointment calendars, lead capture (almost any html code is acceptable).

LIVE Video Chat can be integrated on your virtual tour (optional but included).

Integration into your Existing Website with a single line of code that we will provide.

Gamification: Spin The Wheel Discount Offers/Prize Giveaways to increase conversions and build an email list. (optional but included)

Random Promotions of your Tours on our established Social Media Network to over 25,000 followers.

360 Virtual Tour Platform with LIVE Video Chat Integration and Lead Capture form included.

 COST for Virtual Tour Marketing Platform

A 1-time setup fee of $599 includes capturing 360 images, shooting video content (2) 15-30 second video clips, and setup of your 360 Interactive Tour.

Monthly Cost $67 a month per Tour includes 2 Free text/image/videos (supplied by you) changes per month. 

No Contracts, No Hosting Fees, and Free Promotions on our Social Network. Includes full analytics of views on 360 Tours monthly.

We also provide additional content creation and Targeted ad campaign services a la carte or as a monthly membership program to bring customers to your tours.


Note, Additional charge of $2.00 per mile to cover travel after 100 miles from Morgan City, LA 70380 to your location will be implemented.

Custom Packages are available.

Premium Plus - 360 Tour, Content Creation, and Social Media Marketing for Sales, Liquidations, Auctions.

 Use eCommerce Hotspots to sell directly to customers with admin access on our Social Media Network.

We offer the only platform that includes a complete Marketing System COMPLETE WITH CUSTOMERS.

Specifically designed for eCommerce Sales or any type of business that needs to move inventory and get people engaged in their Brand.

*We provide a Full-Service Solution for the platform, you provide the content needed for your interactive content for us to edit.


  • WordPress Design & Development Services
  • WooCommerce Design & Development Services
  • eCommerce Management Services

This package includes eCommerce shopping cart, run sale specials, liquidation of excess inventory items and even auctions with up to 10 products per month without disrupting your present sales channels (you don’t have to change pricing on your present website/shopify store).

Virtual Studio, raw footage can be sent from your phone and we’ll produce media for marketing your products. We include (5) thumbnail images for your Hotspots and (5) 15-30 second videos on your tour.

Gamification 1: Spin The Wheel Discount Program to increase conversions and build an email list.

Gamification 2: Prize Giveaway program to make your content on social media go viral, consumers get additional entry points for sharing your content. The winner is picked with a random number generator.

Random Promotions of your products/services on our established Social Media Network to over 60K followers, plus get admin access to post yourself to the following.

Sales Page on SocialMAX.LIVE to increase conversions and offer upsells (One Time Offers to increase revenue). We will develop a fully compliant eCommerce page on our Sales – Liquidation – Auction platform specifically for your Brand.

Post your products on our Facebook Page with over 12,000 followers of CONSUMERS SEEKING DEALS!.

Your own Pinterest Board under our Business Hub that gets your Brand 7500 instant followers that you will be able to post your content on.

Virtual Tour Marketing Platform with Admin Access to our Social Network $3200 a month. (includes $800 ad spend for your targeted ad campaigns).  

2 Edits/Changes per week

1-time setup fee of $599 includes capturing your tour images, editing your video footage, and platform development.

Since we provide admin access to our Established Profiles that have taken us years to build, we will only allow certain types of products and services to be posted on our accounts. 

We reserve the right to decline this offer to anyone for any reason.

Fill out the form and we will review your application.

Click Here:

Note, Additional charge of $2.00 per mile to cover travel after 50 miles from Morgan City, LA 70380 to your location will be implemented.

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Virtual Marketplace

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