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These drop-downs tell you what we’re all about, and how we will help you get new customers!

Virtual has Become the New Reality

Anyone can learn everything there is to know about online marketing, but it’s not worth a thing unless it’s actually applied and used. Trying to get everything dialed in and working without a dedicated staff is a waste of time. 

Why? Because there are too many moving parts and you have to be consistent if you want results.

Having a smooth business direction and an appealing offer/business model is key to having a customer engaged in your product/service.  Using VR technology is a great way to attract customers in these uncertain times during a pandemic because actually going somewhere and checking out the views is now heavily looked down upon.  Let your customer see everything they need to see in the comfort and security of their own home.

How to Create a High-Quality Photo Sphere Without a 360 Camera

This method is very simple, no cost to you.  All you need is a smartphone.

Creating a photo sphere using the methods listed will be essential for the creation of your business’ interactive shopping experience.  A special image type is required for the process to be done correctly on our end and can be done easily with your smartphone and does NOT require a professional camera.  Instructions below.

For IOS Devices

First, install Google Street View from the app store and go through the initial setup.

Second, upon initial launch, you’ll want to press the button on the bottom right corner and select “camera”

Third, follow the dots shown on your screen, trying your best to line up the images, and moving ONLY to the right to prevent excessive blur and warping.

When you’re done, you can press the green checkmark and it will be rendered.  When it’s done, share it to a place you can download it from and you’re done!

For Android Devices

If you’d like to go the Google Street View route, it’s pretty much the same as IOS, but it’s not as stable.  For the majority of newer Android phones, an extension can be installed on your default camera app.  The method for installing the extension onto your device varies depending on which phone you have, so you’ll want to explore the app and see where the option to install more camera options.

First, install the “Surround Shot” extension for your camera.

Second, just like Google Street View, follow the dots and try to be as steady as possible, moving only to the right to avoid blur and warping.

When you’re done, the image will automatically be rendered and can be shared wherever you’d like.

$199 Ad Promotion

No matter if your overstocked and under-capitalized or just need online sales, the first step to take is to find out who is your online customer and what kind of interest they have in your product or service.


Here is a 4 step process we use that will give you some insights on who is your online audience.

1- Create an irresistible offer for 1 product or service you offer

2- We’ll develop fully compliant sales page for that specific product or service

3- We’ll produce 2 Video Ads (8-14 seconds) for the product/service for split testing and help build brand awareness 

4- Next, we’ll use proprietary software and target the best audience on Facebook and run an ad campaign reaching a minimum of 4,000 potential buyers

The total cost for this project is $199 and ad spend is included in the fee.

Local, Regional, National Advertising Packages

No Contracts, No Hosting Fees, Connects to Email Auto-Responders


$197 month Games/Contest/Prize Giveaways LOCAL 6.00 a day


Interactive Commands (play video, on sale now, color/size options, store hours, location/map, set up a video call etc) 

Includes Spin Wheel for Discount Offers

Prize Giveaways to grow your social media/email list

LOCAL Targeted ad campaign on Facebook for 30 days (25 mile radius)

$397 month Games/Contest/Prize Giveaways REGIONAL 13.00 a day


Interactive Commands (play video, on sale now, color/size options, store hours, location/map, set up a video call etc) 

Includes Spin Wheel for Discount Offers

Prize Giveaways to grow your social media/email list

REGIONAL Targeted ad campaign on Facebook for 30 days (100 mile radius)

$897 month Games/Contest/Prize Giveaways NATIONAL 30.00 a day


Interactive Commands (play video, on sale now, color/size options, store hours, location/map, set up a video call etc) 

Includes Spin Wheel for Discount Offers

Prize Giveaways to grow your social media/email list

NATIONAL Targeted ad campaign on Facebook for 30 days (USA)


Additional Premium Services


Websites complete with Virtual Interactive Tours

Google Compliant Responsive Website Development (includes SSL and added Security from Hackers)

Website/Sales Pages

E-commerce Sales


Content Creation

Custom Video Commercials for Websites, YouTube

Social Video Ads (under 15 seconds)

Color Changing Images with up to 5 custom color changes – Both GIF/MP4 formats

Custom Videos produced from content from your smartphone

Targeted Ad Campaigns





Tik Tok


 Social Media Admin

 Daily Posting on YOUR Social Media profiles shared on our Network with over 100K followers

Home Shopping

 We offer a partner program that will get your products and services on our LIVE shows.

 See Panel Below

Home Shopping is the NEW Storefront that can be added to your Virtual Tour

 The SocialMAX.LIVE platform can be integrated in your Virtual Tour as a Hotspot!

We believe small businesses should engage in the Power of Partnerships, especially since the pandemic. Taking on online marketing projects with little knowledge, or without a huge marketing budget, is a waste of time in today’s environment.

SocialMAX LIVE is a video distribution network designed for marketing products and services by bundling interest-based audiences with multiple media sources. Our process greatly reduces the costs associated with getting in front of large targeted audiences that matter to most businesses.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ve created a hybrid of Home Shopping Network and eBay. We utilize live and simulated live videos that are promoted with targeted ad campaigns aimed at audiences that matter most to a particular business in a way that is more effective than a TV commercial, and at a small fraction of the price.

According to, “Based on data provided by Adage, a 30-second spot broadcast nationally averages around $115,000 in 2019”

Although it is no secret that e-commerce is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s only growing bigger each year, there is in fact a secret as to how to reach buyers that are interested in your products and services at a reduced cost so the small business owners can maintain profitability.

While there are hundreds of ways to generate revenue online, LIVE shows that are entertaining and add value instead of just trying to “sell” with static images will soon be the leaders in the eCommerce space.

If a small operator doesn’t have a strong online presence, they are fighting a losing battle. The days of doing content creation and effective marketing tasks by yourself are over. A small operator will not be able to keep up with all the moving parts that new technologies bring by themselves.

Hiring employees with these skill-sets will cost a small business dearly – if you can even find them in this part of the country.

The future of e-commerce is here now. If a small operator wants to flourish going forward, the time to start an online show and market your products/services differently in 2020 should be a top priority!

With over 500 Video Productions under our belt, 11 years of digital marketing experience, and a Social Distribution of over 100,000, we can get them traction without having to start from scratch.

How does it work?

We take content that has been recorded for a business and implement it into a simulated live stream after professional editing and enhancements are performed.

Many LIVE broadcasts are lackluster and are often boring to the viewer after just a few minutes (see example scroll down to “LIVE SHOPPING”). Not many viewers will stay engaged in these times when the presenter is trying to read comments, look up information, or giving an intermission of silence or inactivity while the audience is abruptly left hanging.

We provide a solution that will not only be entertaining and educational to watch, but we also provide high-end motion graphics and special effects to make the production more professional while eliminating bandwidth issues.

More importantly, we utilize a fast and easy check-out system with one upsell (additional offer) to help bring in more revenues from a buyer. We provide an admin who will interact with chats in real-time in order to keep viewers engaged with what the show is about and minimize distractions.

The way our process works is we will have a host introducing the prerecorded clip LIVE, and after it is introduced the host will assist with LIVE CHAT as the segment plays, and this method continues until the very end. Keep in mind that the Merchant will also be able to partake in LIVE CHAT if they would like.

Before we accept any business as a marketing partner, three things must be established:

1- Must have adequate inventory for certain products (if applicable).

2- Must provide special offers (irresistible offers/incentives to begin building relationships faster. Research shows that It’s 10 times easier to sell to someone that has purchased from you before than to get a cold prospect to buy from a stranger)

3- Must Participate in Prize Giveaways, this could be gift cards, free merchandise, etc.
These things are mandatory in today’s environment, not only to build an audience on social media, but to also build an email list as well.

The Big Tech platforms no longer care about the small to medium business owners – we provide multiple platforms to distribute content as well as our own video marketplace (SocialMAX.LIVE).

Depending on one source for an audience these days is dangerous, to say the least. Ad accounts are being shut down for no rhyme or reason today and will be much worse in the future.

You can learn more here;

 What makes it attractive to entrepreneurs/small businesses?

The Key to success right now is to think outside the box and acquire new customers before the competition is given the chance.

Running the same course and charging the same prices as everyone else is a slow uphill battle.


We provide a targeted audience, established social media profiles that exceed 100,000 organic followers, and turn-key solutions so their brand can surface to the top in weeks, rather than years.

We provide marketing exposure with proprietary software to dig deeper into audiences and insights to increase ROI with Facebook ad campaigns.

We can provide a complete marketing system for a business of any size. The commercials/infomercials we produce will be promoted with targeted ad campaigns, on our established Social profiles. Our Pinterest account alone receives over 250,000 organic views per month ( It has taken us over 10 years to build our presence and the small operator can benefit from this immediately.

The consumer is bombarded with advertisements from the time they wake up until the time they go to sleep about products or services they care nothing about. Americans are exposed to 4,000-10,000 ads each day, according to Google. Imagine how many of those ads leave the consumer annoyed and uninterested.

Advertisers are trying to reach certain audiences and it is getting harder and harder to accomplish.

Our business model is a disruptor in the industry.

We provide a 5-step process to marketing campaigns that will get massive exposure for the brands/independent publishers (with analytics) and will be much more affordable.

Here is our Road Map

As previously mentioned, the video presentations will be delivered to the viewer in a way that it’s informative and entertaining, not just trying to club someone over the head to buy a product or service.

We will provide (through outsourcing) local talent for onsite productions as needed. Video production if required will be outsourced as well.

We provide audiences across the U.S. depending on your products and services. Local businesses will not have to depend on just the local area for sales. Consumers are conditioned to buying online these days.


Our business model is performance-based.

We only get paid on a commission-based percentage of the sales so the vendor has very minimal risk.

The cost of selling units or getting leads is kept down by an extremely efficient system design and process so our partners benefit by reaching large audiences for less money.

Since our program is based on our own sales performance (commission only), we will make sure the sale is a success but it will require building audiences. There is no magic wand that will blow up sales overnight. It may take several shows before success is achieved.

In addition to our percentage-based commission, we require a small contribution per show of $199 for ad spend to ramp up engagement prior to the show and to provide exposure after the show (replays).

We will provide research for targeting the right audiences, administration, (2) social media ads for split testing (figuring out which ad has the best engagement rate), editing the footage, running the ad campaign, and monitoring analytics.

Only hobbyists will try to market a product/service depending only on free traffic in today’s environment. We are a professional ad agency and target traffic that matters to a business.

Our commission structure is based on a sales price of $10-$500.

25% basic services, the merchant films the presentation themselves, sends us the raw footage.
35% producing and directing a show on-site
40% includes bringing in a host for the presentation.

The commission agreement can always be adjusted according to the sale price of the product or service. Example: For a high ticket item like Automotive sales, a flat fee per lead will be established.

Let’s Design A Solution That Suits Your Needs!

Custom Interactive Virtual Tour

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